Welcome to the Practice


Here you will...


Receive meaningful, client-centered, and professional counseling that nurtures the freedom and comfort you seek.

Learn new behaviors and patterns of thinking. Cope with difficulties that are out of your control.

Work with seasoned therapist to gain insight and acceptance and support individual and interpersonal growth.


Gain depth of perspective and personal empowerment that will continue to support you long after your work with us.


Meet Brooke Lillie, MS LPC, Principal Therapist and Owner of Brooke Lillie Therapy, LLC:

Ms. Lillie has her Masters in Clinical Psychology and is licensed in the State of Connecticut as a Professional Counselor.

Along with 12-plus-years of direct clinical experience across levels of care (I.e., hospital, residential, day program, intensive outpatient, and private practice), Ms. Lillie brings to her practice passion to empower others to:

  • Honor themselves and their individual truth
  • Live courageously
  • Negotiate internal and external conflicts
  • Maintain lasting stability and peace

Ms. Lillie received her Masters degree from University of Hartford's Graduate Institute of Professional Psychology in July 2008. Ms. Lillie graduated at the top of her class having been voted class president by her peers each year. Ms. Lillie was the 2006 recipient of the Academic Excellence and Service award. Throughout her graduate training, she also worked as a teaching assistant of clinical assessment where she began merging her clinical passion with her leadership skills.

Ms. Lillie served as director of a leading and nationwide eating disorder treatment facility. As Program Director, Ms. Lillie ran a partial-hospitalization and intensive outpatient program, provided acute care for the treatment of eating disorders, anxiety, depression, as well as couples and families experiencing life transitions and adjustments.

Ms. Lillie has overseen the quality, health, and the safety of the program, provided clinical supervision to other therapists, and facilitated adequate and ongoing training of employees, while maintaining a personal caseload of individuals, couples, and families.

Ms. Lillie is well – respected in the field of eating disorders, most familiar to those in Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

Ms. Lillie has led professional development at Connecticut hospitals (Danbury and Norwalk, March 2016 and March 2015) and spoken to Fairfield University's marriage and family therapy students (April 2015) on a panel. The panel focused on raising awareness, teaching causal factors and preventative measures, as well as educating medical and mental health professionals on warning signs and early interventions. Ms. Lillie is completing the final requirement in her certification as an eating disorder specialist, CEDS.

Although working in the field of eating disorders is a passion and niche, Ms. Lillie has other areas of interest and specialization: